How to Access the Dark Web

You’ve probably heard of the terms dark web and Tor discussed in the media, but logging into them isn’t as dangerous as it sounds. It’s actually fairly easy to get started.

The dark web is a set of pages that aren’t indexable by search engines like Google. It’s the part of the internet where data and content that would otherwise be private is stored. Email inboxes as well as Google Drive folders are stored on the deep web. They’re not visible to the public using a standard web browser.

On the dark web, there are also numerous websites that are legitimate reasons. For instance, the website SecureDrop is a dark web site that allows whistleblowers to send sensitive information to news organizations in a confidential manner. There are also sites where people can buy and sell stolen credentials, such as credit card numbers and passwords. These are known as “marketplaces. The most famous examples are Silk Road, AlphaBay and many others.

The key to surfing the dark web is a network known as Tor that carries your data through a series of servers that are run by volunteers, which are spread around the world. This makes it impossible for anyone to track your activity. The name Tor comes from the fact that the data it encrypts is layered, like the layers of a pizza. This helps to protect the privacy of users.

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